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Windows hate thread


But they don’t want to get out of your way and do work, at some point that was the corporate philosophy. Now its they want to be your supreme overlord and give you x,y,z without thinking because they know best… meanwhile they break x,y,z but it’s fine. Because remember when they are your supreme overlord they need all kinds of data to overlord you, which many users gladly ask for (stops them from thinking/learning), they can turn around and sell… and more profit.



I scare small children by telling them about registry hell.



That’s modern desktop operating systems, in my experience lol.



“It’s basically a giant Excel spreadsheet that can directly impact how your OS works. Oh and there isn’t an official resource on it.”



As much as having a conf fucked with makes me rage a dirty update that breaks a registry/DLL make me want to drive to Washington and take a dump in Satya’s shoes.

Active Directory is black magic too.

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Lol! What ever do you mean?! It’s just LDAP + Kerberos + DNS (somehow)

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Also network sharing on windows is trash.

I also hate people who use CCleaner, slight OT tho



TL;DR: ALL of Windows 10

Long version:

There is a dark theme, except it is not where Windows Fucking Vista still lives.

There is a search, except it is the dog from Win XP again that does not find shit and instead goes on Bing to not find it there either!

There are updates. There are always updates! THERE IS A FUCKING UPDATE RIGHT NOW, oh, and it needs to restart and install updates right now! (I nearly failed a class thanks to this shit)

Virus scans. Every day, after every boot.
I guess it makes sense though. The file indexer does not find 1.jpg that resides unchanged on my desktop since I installed drivers, so the virus scanner needs to make sure it is still there or something?

Ads. In the OS. (not on Win10 Edu, wich I why I saw them in OS once and only once)

Network everything.
I want to change the adapter settings NOW. Not click through several menues to the “expert mode”.

On that note, the settings suck! There are 4 levels of settings you have to dive to the bottom to actually make a difference. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME!

Desktop notifications. I want my desktop to be quiet until I choose to be distracted! I do not want a little number to be there.



As many others, I don’t fully trust that an update won’t break the system. And that searching in pathfinder often won’t return what I’m searching for, but a scroll and glance though the folder i can spot it myself…
And that trying to configure some settings will bounce me around different menus…



I hate that there are different editions and you are restricted on what you want to use them for.

I should be able to perform a base core install without the full desktop experience and then be able to add whatever modules I need. I should be able take the same install media and then choose how I build it. Do I want a lightweight desktop OS, a full fat gaming rig, a pro workstation or a server?

If only there were some OS’s like that, eh? I swear they would rule the world if there were and MS would have to start looking for new revenue streams :wink:

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Why do I have to ‘Run as Administrator’? I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR!!!

Also I don’t like distros OSes that magically handle everything for you because when something breaks, now you don’t know how anything works and you are powerless to fix anything.

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But PowerShell :thinking: :wink:

I hate that Microsoft requires you to use ported compilers or C++ to build C, which is what their shit is built in AFAIK.

I also hate that they have adopted DevOps and Agile and aren’t archaic in having separate departments

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I really hate this shit, every solution online is just people guessing. And it always ends up at “just reinstall”
I haven’t even done anything either, no registry hacking or anything like that. It’s just retarded OOTB.

I can’t believe people pay for this garbage, I can’t even log into my user account properly. Probably my user account is corrupt at the AD [also running windows :^)] I can’t get any fucking work done like this. It’d be one thing if it was just one or the other because I only use this computer for one thing, but it just so happens that one thing is a program that installs in appdata; so I have to reinstall it every fucking time I log in. And because I can’t control windows updates, the computer decides to shutdown to install the update on it’s own (and inevitably fails) and then I have to re-fail to login and reinstall the program. every. fucking. time.



There is a workaround there, create an account without a password, then set it once the computer is set up.
But yeah, I hate how the entire setup process just works against you instead of with you

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I hate the telemetry, I hate the updates that keep breaking shit. I hate the flat and minimalistic GUI. I am so sick of seeing the extreme minimalism everywhere not just windows.



It made me move to Linux.



Me too, it eats up I/O so the laptop i had just bought right before it’s release couldn’t handle it.
Windows 10 pretty much requires an SSD to be usable in my experience



This has driven me up the wall lately. But, I can imagine for personal use and small businesses (no AD) it is a life saver. Otherwise, Geek Squad or in-house I.T. charge out the ass.

However, if someone finds my box of Windows, all of my security question answers are ‘asdf’ lol.


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I usually use “nope” on every security question



yea, like whats the point when they can just hoover up everything after the fact anyways.