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Windows hate thread


This thread is for the ones with strong or not so strong feelings of hatred for Windows OS and everything connected with it.

Something made you go mad ? Don’t delay share it today !

Disclaimer - Even though this topic is for sharing negative emotions please don’t break the forum rules.
Also this is the Windows topic please don’t start discussions about other operating systems.

Let me go first -

I hate the update mechanics of Windows 10. This is the only reason I switched away from it !



I hate how it just works.



I dislike the way it works, so I (mostly) quit bitching about it and now use something else daily.

I do really like some aspects of it, like DX12 and the vast wealth of software available, so do use it on occasion…

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Came in to say this :joy:



Microsoft, fucking Microsoft, who thought in your design team that was a smart idea to have TWO menus to change the settings in your OS? Why am I jumping all the time between two completly different set of menus to change a damn audio device?

You implemented the “dark theme” but it looks like garbage unless I’m looking at that useless “metro” UI that I hate so much. If I gave an indipendent dev 1000$ to do it they would’ve done a much better job.

Don’t make me start talking about the updates. One day I was greeted with a passive-aggressive message that said something along the lines of “Windows is a SERVICE and to keep it secure it needs updates”. A SERVICE!? I’m paying it with my privacy, isn’t that enough to let me update it whenever the fuck I want? It would be like paying for Netflix and let them force you to watch what they want every day. If I need ALL the CPU to do my things you must let me do it, pos OS.
Regarding updates it feels like being on a Linux rolling release. Every time I see updates installing I pray that everything will work once the PC boots back up.

Overall a bloated, confusing and out of control OS. Stop worrying a damn Linux subsystem if EVERYTHING else is holding up with scotch tape and prayers!



I hate the update mechanics, how the update mechanics breaks things and wastes soooooo… much time - how it is basically uncontrollable - how it decides what it wants to do and does it whenever it wants to - Windows is a tool! It should be listening to me - not the other way around!

Also hate how bloated it is…

… and how system recovery never does what it is supposed to do…

… and how the print-spooler service is the most unreliable thing in existence and Microsoft has never took the time of fixing it…

… how old and featureless NTFS is…

… how users are being opted in to options they have no idea what they are and being taken advantaged of their ignorance…

… that the store is a piece of crap - it should be an easy way of managing software - not a controlling dungeon that once again takes control from the user…



Windows updates are so slow, I bought another computer just to use when my other is updating.

Kind of like getting a credit card to pay off another, but with productivity instead of currency.



I hate the fact they got rid of their QA people and have turned into code n pray. Way too many obvious problems are getting through, just because it compiles doesn’t mean its right.



THIS! Also, networking in settings app is USELESS, everything worthwhile is in the network & sharing in the control panel, and I can’t access that with two clicks anymore.

UWP apps in general, especially through the store.

Trying to make people sign in through MS, and asking for security questions during local account setup.

Windows update.



I hate how I can’t spent hours tinkering with it just to get my Wifi to work and then lording it over other users who couldn’t figure it out and chastising them for not being smart enough to do it.

Wait a minute…



I don’t have windoze, I am just disappointed



LOL, no girl wants a micro kernel.


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Its 2019, unless you’re running some “look at me” distro, driver problems aren’t really a thing. Printers and wi-fi used to be the 2 worst things about linux and now its easier to set up the 2 and faster than windows ever will be. Most printers work without even installing a driver to begin with.



This is the Windows thread please everyone who is posting follow the rules and keep it on topic.

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I hate how I don’t have to re-learn what I already know to use it.



I tried installing a windows update a few minutes ago and it just didn’t werk

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I only run the most esoteric distros to flex on the normies duh that’s the whole point

Is joke calm down homie



Bloated, inefficient, locked-down piece of garbage that often breaks things or becomes worse with every new update. Those are my main gripes with Window$.



Its fun when it stops working for no apparent reason and after hours of troubleshooting it turns out it was just a bugged update or bad driver.

Windows has a loooot of room for improvement for usability and getting out of the way to let me do work.



thankfully I dont use my computer to do anything productive.