Windows doesn't show 24bit option on new dac

I just purchased a fiio e17k dac amp for my new k612 pro headphones. The dac (usb mode) supports up to 24bit 96k which is what I intended to use it for. Windows 7 pro 64bit shows the dac. Under advanced options it will not show any thing 24 bit in the drop down menu. I am completely baffled. I have Googled this issue and the only thing I can find is people doing a how to on bringing up the menu I am talking about. The dac shows it is running in 24bit 96k, however windows disagrees.
Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!

Did you install the latest driver?

I was doing my best to find it, but it seems like the only driver(s) I could find is. support page

the thing is, it really doesn't have any info about it you can locate the file on the right hand side of the page. Everything I can find shows ASIO Drivers. After installing it, I have 32bit 96k. As far as I know that isn't supported by the dac either. I think it's really just a case of user error and lack of understanding. Possibly just windows hates me.
There is also Thumbs.db (data base file) in the zip file, and "Foobar2000 & plugins". As far as I can tell, unless it's the .db file there are no REAL drivers in the zip

as far as i know, the e17k is supposed to work without installing any additional drivers.
the driver is only needed for ASIO playback, for wich i would use ASIO4ALL instead.

im currently using a E07k and it worked right out of the box. with all the settings in the sound menu.
have you tried the DAC on another computer? does it show all the options there?

That's what I've read else where, didn't consider putting it on a different computer. I will try that (and edit here later since I'm stuck at work for a while.)

So then it works after installing the driver?

I know that some of the Schiit DACs require drivers for higher quality modes because those modes use USB 2.0 and the Windows plug n play drivers only support USB 1.1 DACs.