Windows Docker Pihole

Hi all,

I’m new to docker. I’m trying to get my pihole docker container to router/filter on my Windows 10 Pro system but it’s not routing correctly. I’m having issues getting the container on the same subnet but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to run on the same subnet.
My goal is to run the pihole container and have it filter ads but when I set it as the DNS server it doesn’t resolve any pages. My network is running on and the pihole is on Do I need to make a static route? Or another virtual nic to act as the NAT.
When I set the container to a IP address it doesn’t respond to pings.
Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the docker NIC to allow communication on my LAN so I gave up but I’ll be revisiting it as I’m trying to deploy FOG from a container as well.
I’ve signed up for some udemy docker “classes” so hopefully I have a update for you peeps soon.

After watching a few videos and doing some light reading I found out my issue.
The docker container will be using the host IP ( I know I’m a noob ). If I did some critical thinking and reviewed the setup command I would have seen that we’re mapping the host local ports to the container.
So if you’re trying to setup Pihole or any container remember that you’ll need to use the host IP for that container. Accessing it locally you can just go to http://localhost/admin/ assuming your using port 80.

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