Windows Black Screen Of Death is now Blue screen of death

I was updating my computer today and when it booted back up I logged in to find the black screen of death. I tried to restore it by opening up task manager and launch Explorer.exe. When I finished the Restore the black screen of death was still there, but now when I try to boot up my computer it goes to the blue screen of death and brings up automatic repair that never actually repairs.

Any advice or help before i just give it to a techincian.

I think thats kind of a common problem possibly with the latest update. I know Logan had to actually cancel yesterdays Tek on account of his streaming laptop being bricked by the update. There isn't a fix that I have seen come out, so right now its re-install windows or wait and see if this is a prominent issue that microsoft will address. My comp hung during the update wayyyy more then it every has but completed ok. If you give it to a technician at this point they will more then likely just re-install windows are reload your stuff.

Thanks, I didnt know that i was wondering why there wasnt an episode yesterday lol.

Logan put out a tweet about it earlier. Thinking of it I should check twitter and see if he's followed up...

Hi. Are there any news on this topic. I ran windows update yesterday and it messed up my system but i was able to restore by using a restore point. Do you know which update specifically is the faulty one ?