Windows 8

Hey everyone. I have windows 8 pro x64 build 9200 installed on my system and when ever i update it has a huge problem. it goes to a black screen when it starts up. I get a cursor and i can access task manager. I have tried having it run explorer.exe in task manager but it doesn't work, explorer.exe starts and then shuts down imedatily. does anyone know of a fix? I have a restore point set but i want to have windows updated and not have this problem.

First check and see if you have corrupted system files... open an elevated command prompt (run as administrator).  Type in sfc/scannow.  It takes a bit to scan...if you have corrupted system files then close that command prompt windoow and open another elevated command prompt window.  Type in (or copy and paste) DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.  This should fix your problem without loosing any data (like a refresh)  if you do have corrupted system files.  I have fixed a lot of windows 8 PC's with them this way.

Let us know if this fixed your problem. 

Make sure you look carefully at the updates Windows wants you to install.  Set the updates to NOT install auto as it causes problems.

Worked like a charm. Thanks a million.