Windows 8 wonkified my 7 install

Recently i installed Win 8 to a second disk in my machine.  I currently have my everyday 7 install on an SSD and thought i would try out 8 for a bit to decide if it was worth installing.

So I made the decision to stick with Windows 7 but now I can't seem to boot into it.  If i choose the SSD as a boot device it still loads the Win 8 OS chooser.  When I click 7 it just restarts and i'm back to the same place.

The only way I can get to 7 is to pull the drive with 8 on, then when I get the "drive missing" error on the OS chooser I can pick 7 and boot.

I've tried bootrec /fixmbr and /fixbcd from a Windows 7 boot USB but it's still doing it and won't boot straight to 7 any more.

Am I missing something?

On top of this I now can't see the drive with 8 on regardless of if it's on SATA or USB on my 7 install.

Thanks for any help!

Nope, no luck.  Just says no problems can be found.

Interestingly when I try /rebuildbcd it says the number of Windows installations found is 0.

Its like the Win 8 mbr has overwritten any existence of 7, even though I can eventually still boot to it! I have a system image I could try restoring from - would this change/fix the mbr though?

they done told you not to install 8 on your main machine and you done goofed