Windows 8 to 8.1 help

What you see below is as far as i can get in my attempts to trying to download windows 8.1. I've probably tried everything and no dice. the updates thing in the corner was just apps, and i've already updated them and i would get just the same screen as this w/out the green text. Someone please help me get this update, it's been killing me since the day it came out and we installed it on our PC's in Computer Support Services class. :,(what my screen looks like

And if you notice there's the white "Update to Windows 8.1 for free" in the bottom, it's NOT clickable.

Have you properly registered your windows 8? Also, where [in the world] do you live?

Also, make sure all windows updates are up to date. 

change your system local to UK if it didn't work change it to USA 

good luck 

Try entering this into your URL and hit enter:


Did that help?