Windows 8 Key

Hello Tek Syndicate,

Is there anyone out there with a Windows 8 Key that I could reimburse/trade something for?  Apparently I ended up with an upgrade-only key#??  Came right in the package, but nothing on it or in it says anything about an "upgrade".

Thanks in advance for any assistance!




Why would someone want Windows 8? I had it on my laptop for a while and it was a pain in the ass. I would not use W8 even if it was free. Get 7 instead.

I heard they give it out for free on thier site, i saw a post on here once that explained it, you could google something likw 'microsoft gives out free windows 8 key'

Hey I have a windows 8 key I could trade. Its a pain in the ass at first but after a while you get used to it but I have Ubuntu so I don't need it. I also have a windows 7 key if you decide to get 7

Windows 7 key? For free? I could use that! Been using an ungenuine version for ages with an upgrade disk that I can't use because of it ungenuinity. If you could message it me it would be much appreciated.

Works fine for me since I took the time to actually learn the OS and the hotkeys. 


Hey Major, cool - what do you want for it?



Depends on what you're offering but it doesn't have to be much

Is this still happening? I had an upgrade key for windows 8. can I legit install windows xp service pack 3, windows vista, or windows 7 somewhere for free? If not is someone here still selling one?

I can sell you a win 7 key. What are you offering?


I have a Windows 8 Upgrade key. It said it was good for a machine running XP service pack 3 through Vista and Windows 7. Would that work?

Well yes it should work because it's windows 7

im useing windows 8 just fine with no problems it took all my drivers and everything and its not that bad to use if you know how

There are ways to get it... hint hint wink wink.

Ok this is very wrong and you should NOT do it but...

I heard if you install windows 7 off the pirate bay and install it then use your upgrade key to upgrade to windows 8 then you'll be able to get the most outta your bad situation.

But you should just buy windows 8. 

Choose wisely.

RemoveWAT, good sir. Google it. You can still get updates. (* I do not condone piracy nor do I promote it.)

ok i am gonna give u my windows 8 key for free :) 

just  tell me ur version of windows 8 

i have  windows 8 pro key 64 bit  :)

+ i have 2 hint hint wink wink ways to activate it too if u want