Windows 8 in Asus UX32VD problems

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and i've recently bought a Asus Zenbook UX32VD (i5 version) wich i've updated to windows 8 but i'm experiencing some problems like some kernel-power (error 41 i think) errors wich makes the pc turn-off randomly (sometimes) and this made think that it might be caused by windows 8. So i would like to reinstall windows 7  via Recovery Partition but i can't acess it by pressing the key when the pc is booting up and acess the setup wizard.

Can someone help me with this?

Sorry for the English it's not my native language.

Thanks in advance!

Cheers ;)

Did you overwrite the recovery partition when installing win8?

You can use a program like Gparted and boot into Gparted and set the recovery partition to the primary partition but you better know what you are doing.


No i didn't overwrite i made a windows 7 to windows 8 upgrade, but yesterday after struggle a litle bit i realised i didn't had Asus AI Recovery installed, so i've instaled and clicked to do a recovery backup .ISO and when it reached the end i've noticed that that .ISO was recovery image from the recovery partition (with windows 7). I think it's a way to solve the problem but not so efficient.

Maybe it'll work i've tried before to make the Recovery partition "Active" via Diskpart but it didn't succeded windows didn't let me to set the partition to Active.

Thanks ;)