Windows 8 cockbloking

Ok, so I have two issues to address regarding my new laptop, which came with Windows 8 factory installed. 


Ok, here's the summary, before I go into loads of details below. 

1 - how can I install Directx7 on a pure version of Windows 8 for some old games I've got (namely Rollcage Stage 2)?

2 - I have an AMD Radeon 8730 in the same new laptop and I recently updated the drivers to try and fix an issue where it would say no drivers were installed. It did work before hand, but now it flat out doesn't work at all, note does Catalyst Control Center. Do you know how to fix it without sitting on the phone utilising my Premium lap home support memo Dell?



Firstly, I have some old games (~2000) that need Directx7 to run, yet windows 8 won't let me install it. On my old laptop I cointestate it fine (Windows 7) and had absolutely no issues with Directx7 when I upgraded to Windows 8 (I only upgraded because Win7 was becoming unstable). I know that Directx9 should be backwards compatible, it doesn't work, and the game refuses to run (in case you're interested, it's rollcage stage 2 running off of an original enhanced audio cd). 


Secondly, this same laptop which I got has an AMD Radeon 8730 GPU in conjunction with the intel HD 4000 iGP.  Yet when I tried to do some tests solely on the Radeon card (and disabled the iGPU via Device Manager) it popped up saying there was no driver installed. It had been working (I think) but when I went to both the AMD site and the Dell site, the drivers they provided were either already installed, or completely broke the functionality of the GPU, rendering it un-usable. 


Any and all help is greatly appreciated, as I would like to be able to use my new laptop to play games such as TF2, L4D2, Minecraft and pretty much anything else I can be bothered to install. 



Tried vmware workstation with gpu acceleration enabled? given how old the games are, it might be worth a try getting something like windows xp/7 on a vm and trying to do it through that.

Data-rott is a bitch, especially when it comes to old dos/windows games.

Edit: could try dual booting linux and windows and running wine if dual booting win7 isn't an option!


I was hoping to record the gameplay as well. How well would something like FRAPS run in a ZM? And why should I get a VM on this laptop when I only really want it to play some games? Wouldn't finding a way to install Directx7 be easier, quicker and give better performance?

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how well fraps works? should be fine, but ive honestly never tried.

Why should you get a VM? same reason I need a emulator for my old dos games dude... You got a new machine for old games!

Installing an API for an OS that exsisted before 64bit was even a consideration... its a bit much to ask for in a modern OS dude. DirectX 7 is 14 years old!


I understand that, but I'd still like to be able to use it. I would also like to be able to use a .NET 1.1 application, but that's nowhere near as important as the game