Windows 8 Admin Rights? Not windows 8.1

Hey guys!
Just got a new laptop from work. They put my user account on here without privileges. I cant download anything but I can run stuff. I also cant install programs. I have the admin account name just not the password. Is there like a Usb based cracker or recovery tool that can give me the password? Sorry If this is in the wrong thread!

There are plenty of ways around it, but if the laptop is owned by your place of employment, it is their property. You shouldn't be looking for a way to escalate privileges if that is the case. If it was gifted to you, as in an old laptop they no longer have use for and aren't expecting to receive back, that's a different story.

They gave it to me for work purposes but they didn't know I couldn't install any of the necessary programs. The IT guy is on vacation so I just wanted to take care of it myself because I really need it now and not in 2 weeks when he comes back. that and he doesn't remember the password he used. great IT guy right?

There are ways to break local account passwords, but if you were meant to have admin privileges they would have given them to you, or you can ask and they will be given to you. If it's a work computer, it's meant for work. Do work on it, use your own computer for leisure.

Edit: Before I posted you stated you were attempting to do this for the right reason, okay, that's fine, I'll help you out.

Boot to that, go to command line tools and there's something in there called offline password remover. Follow the prompts and you can break the password.

Edit 2: What kind of IT guy gets two weeks off? That's a dream!

Will try it out. yeah right?! he didnt take any vacation time all year I guess and saved it for the end of the year when everyone gets their new laptops, pc's and monitors.

Sounds like he has his life put together pretty well!

That's what I thought. The company owner doesn't think the same. when I was talking to them about it they were like we should really just get rid of this guy, you know what we mean Charles? I was thinking in my mind yeah I don't really care about his place in the company I have work to do I need that password.