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Windows 8.1halts, crashes, and other nonesuch


So I installed windows 8.1 on my laptop. Its on hand, and I like it more than ten. But does anyone know whats been going on?

The system halts if I’m in a game more than 20 minutes, even after a map change. And last night the nvidia drivers crashed.

So is 8 taking cyanide as a dietary supplement? I know its not the hardware. If I boot a linux drive on it it runs fine and plays games on the intel chipa+.

What gives?


Have you tried nuking the drivers and reinstalling them? If the Nvidia card works on Linux it should be fine on thermals and the card should be “verified” working.

When you say it runs fine on the Intel Chip in Linux, do you mean there’s the Intel iGPU and then an other card like an MX130 and you were using the iGPU?


Its a 1060 and an iGPU in an MSI GS63VR (2016). In linux the nvidia GPU is finnicky because IDK how to set up the drivers correctly yet and I’m still trying to figure it out. But the intel chip works ok for stuff.

In W8.1 it’ll crash, even if only using the intel chip. I don’t think it has to do with the drivers unless the newest nvidia driver is funky.


I haven’t heard anything about the Nvidia driver being botched, so I think we’re good there.

Do Event Viewer or the Reliability Report have any more info related to the crash? Stop code? Does it even see the crash?


I don’t think so, no. I can check again later tho.


Oh shit, this might be more fun (read: troubleshooting) than I thought then. Let me know what you find


The most errors come from nvlddmkm which based on the nv thing I’m guessing is gpu related. I’m guessing NV half assed the windows 8 driver or something.

I think I’ll just stick to linux and figure out a desktop to do the big windows games on for now till either wine has better power in it (4.0 came out after all) or fig out IOMMU.


Yep, definitely Nvidia card related…only times I’ve seen errors from nvlddmkm are from Dell laptops at work. I’ll look into what we did with those, it was a while ago.

Let me know how Linux goes, I’ve only used it on iGPU laptops so not super familiar on how it handles mobile GPUs. Which distro you planning to use?


either antergos or redcore, maybe void but IDK


Okay, was looking through my old Skype conversations at work and came across the one I was looking for to help with this issue. Had tried new/different RAM, GPU, PSU, and spent waaaaay too much time troubleshooting it. We put it through a few GPU stress tests and it was fine through them all, so it wasn’t like, a temperature or stress issue, it just fuggin’ died randomly.

We just said “fuck this” and replaced the box after a while… underwhelming to say the least. I saw others recommended RMA and I’d say the same. Good luck my man


Well I just bought it for 700 bucks on a break from a store owner I know. I hope itfucking works.

I’ll tweet msi I guess.


I take it none of this happened in Win 10? Did you freshly install the Win 10 image, or was it preinstalled by MSI? Where did you get the 8.1 image, and system drivers? Did you do any BIOS updates? Tried reseating RAM? Have you monitored temps and system processes during the gaming session? When you run GPU + CPU stress testing programs (at the same time), does the system also halt?


Take a look at his other thread as well, there’s some more info over there: MSI GS63VR Graphics Issues

TL;DR: Sounds like Win 10 did the same nVidia driver lockup , BIOS update is where things went wrong, driver rollbacks/updates had no effect. Symptoms sounds like thermal/BIOS issues with the card


New crash error. Got the 2017 bios put in, ran csgo at main menu, now instead of nv issues I got a blue screen with DP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION or sobething like that. Watchdog violation yes, coulda been dpv tho

Edit: ok ubuntu just booted I’m calling windows borked. I bluescreened it 4 more times, its just weird power issues now. I’ll get linux going and update yall later. I think its the 2018 bios file.

Edit2: it works but its doing the nvidia gpu bs where everything is -5 fps. Idk what to do about that rly unless I need nomodeset or something. I dunno. More coming later maybe. Gotta see if other stuff runs.

Edit3: gpu driver installed fine, probably works, but idk what to do about the nonexistent fps.


How do I fix the nonexistent fps in ubuntu mate? If I install the nvidia driver nothing happens.


Oof, sorry for dying for…oh god it’s been 2+ weeks…

Tbh I’ve got little/no experience with how Nvidia cards/drivers and Linux interact, drivers from Ubuntu repos? Version number for it? Have you messed with ACPI/power settings or tweaking the card with nvidia-settings/nvidia-smi? nvidia-smi should let you change the card’s power limits, but that might just be for OCing

Hell man, idk at this point, the card’s cursed. Happy to learn, so keep dumpin’ info when you find it


I got it working. It was a combo of heat death and bad bios.