Windows 8.1 unstable wifi

whenever my wifi is under heavy load it will disconnect every time (video chat or streaming) and other times it will just decide to randomly disconnect me. I am using a asus usb-n13 wireless adapter. 

The problem occurs only with windows 8 (with windows 7 i had none of these issues)  If my external drive/mouse/keyboard/etc are connected when dongle goes offline, those devices will also lose power for a few seconds.

I have been trying to fix this for over a year now I have tried so many solution and none have worked. please someone come to my rescue! tons of people have my exact problem and they too have found no solution. This is not a issue with faulty components.


I would bet that it is purely a driver issue, or a combination of drivers. I assume you have checked for driver updates for USB and wifi?

I have now used Netgear and TP-Link USB wifi adapters with Windows 8.1 without issue and given how cheap they are (at least in the UK) would suggest just buying one of those rather than putting up with it.

If the windows 7 driver was stable you could try loading that driver and seeing if it works. 

yes I made sure my drivers are all up to date and I'm not sure is replacing it will solve the issue because I previously replaced my old netgear wifi adapter due to the same issue.