Windows 8.1 says "computer is low on memory" but it isn't

This error keeps popping up when I'm playing Skyrim, and every time my memory usage is 6 gigs or below out of the 8 gigs i have, sometimes it pops up when only 4 gigs is in use. Everything i found on how to solve this is to allow for more virtual memory which is just going to create an unnecessary bottleneck in my system and wear down my ssd. I should also note this is a very new system it's not even finished being built yet so Skyrim may not be the only scenario that it happens but it's the only situation so far. I don't know if it's relevant but i'm currently using the integrated graphics and running only 1 stick of ram.

Do you have a hard drive you can put the virtual memory on?

I only have 1 hard drive in at the moment and it's a sata 1, won't this cause my system to slow down though?

winblows takes about 4gigs for itself.

speaking of winblows just had 2 failed installs of msi afterburner.