Windows 8.1 or wait for 10?

Back when the Windows 8 launched, everybody went batshit crazy, everybody was like boycotting the product and said that that was the worst OS ever, like the vista and its also not good for gaming. Developers went against the OS and that made me scared of ever trying Windows 8 and made me stick to my trusty Windows 7. That event scarred me so much, that I avoided the OS and blocked it out of my mind like it never happened.

(I exaggerated some of the stuff but you get the point)

Few years later, I found out that the OS is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better now and i'm kind off considering of getting it but the new OS Windows 10 is coming maybe around next year.

So the question, should I buy the 8.1 now or keep 7 and hold out for 10?

So yea.


If you are using it on a Tablet Go for it. It is amazing. If you are using it on a Desktop to get actual work done DONT.

I'm Currently Still Fiddling with Windows 10 on my Dell Venue 8 Pro. It Looks Promising. It fixed Basically All the Issues that made Everyone hate Windows 8. Minus the Integration. In Windows 10 you have the option to CHOOSE if you want to use the Original Start Menu or the Start Screen. Which is pretty nice. now Microsoft just needs to Fix their Store and they are all Set.

Hmmm so desktop yea?

buy 8.1 now? or keep 7 and wait for 10

Yea, I read alot of stuff saying that 10 is gonna be solid. So i'm excited for it.

Wait for 10.

Even if we forget how terrible metro on 8/8.1 is, there are not enough improvements over 7 to warrant an upgrade.

10, on the other hand, is really good. It has all improvements of 8.1 over 7 without 90% of its drawbacks.

You know, you can simply install the technical preview. I'm running it on my main machine for several days already and no issues so far, and it's not even a clean install (upgrade from 8.1).

I have 8.1 with StartIsBack and it s great. Basically just like Windows 7 but better. I never see the Start Screen. 

Plus I am pretty sure Windows 10 will be a free upgrade so there isn't much risk and the new Start Menu isn't exactly like the old one anyway and still tries to jam modern apps in. Unlike Windows 8.1 with StartIsBack which is exactly like 7. 

If you are on 7. Stick with it. There's really no need to Jump to 8.1 unless you enjoy complicating your workflow un-neccesarily. Cause it really is a bit of a mess to get work done.

Hmmm What made you think that the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 is gonna be free?

Well all the analysts said it will be, they have already offered free upgrades (8 to 8.1) and I'm pretty sure they claimed it will be free too. At least that is what most of my research is saying. 


There are a lot of Strong Rumors it was going to be Free. Also In this day of Age considering Apple and Linux OS's are not even charging for their OS. Microsoft could really shoot themselves in the foot if they were to even consider charging people for it. Especially since they basically gave us the Terrible OS that is Windows 8.

I see. Yea I suppose you got a point. I'll just wait for the 10.  

Maybe ill stick with 7 at the time being. I was only thinking of upgrading cuz I'll be getting my new build soon and I was giving 8.1 a though. 


I suppose that If the upgrade were to be free. You need to have or using 8.1 1st right to be eligible of the free upgrade?

I'd stick with 7. I love 8.1 with StartIsBack, but there's really no reason to upgrade to 8.1 from 7. Unless you really like copy dialogs with graphs (my favorite 8/8.1 feature).

Hmmm If the free upgrade were to be true I guess it's good to give it a good go but I don't suppose that they're going to annouce it right?

Yes. 8.1 will be required to upgrade. 

IMo it is just faster and more stable. Plays nicer with SSDs too. I really like the redesigned Task Manager and a few other features. 

I'm going to move to Windows 10 but I'm still going to reinstall Start Is Back. 

Hmmm I think I'll pick up Windows 8 since the 8.1 upgrade is free. And if the free upgrade to 10 is true its a win-win to me. Worst case scenario upgrade is not free have to pay $20 for it, I guess its okay since its not that much