Windows 8.1 Google Chrome issue

I have recently upgraded to windows 8.1 and have a couple of problems.

1. When I go to my settings and set On Startup to Continue where you left off doesnt work

2. When I open Google Chrome is not like how you would open it back in WIndows 7 it would usually have the box thing spin and open google chrome on the Metro whatitsface. anyone know how to open it like in windows 7. 

I have installed Start is Back and to no avail.

This registry setting might solve it:

Or try uninstalling Chrome and install it fresh again. I'd recommend the beta branch which has now moved into 64bit territory. Running Chrome under a recently installed 8.1 has been problem free here.

oh crap put it under the wrong catergory was in a rush sorry.

and thank you it works now.