Windows 8.1 for cheap?

so i watched one of "the tek" episode, dont remeber which one but logan mentioned about you can get a windows 8.1 legit copy for really cheap at forums? is that true ?

Yes and no - we had a seller on the forums here for a while, and although it seemed good at first - after a while everyone that bought a key found it was actually a scam. So as of then we do not support or condone selling keys on the forums. As far as where you might get one from, I'm not sure - someone else might be able to help but I have a feeling that you get what you pay for......

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thanks for the info...:D

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You can always pick one up on for pretty cheap. They have a service where they guarantee you get a legit key. You can also pay through PayPal and get your money back if the key doesn't work.

Yeah, G2A is a great solution. However be sure to buy and activate the key before July 29th, otherwise you won't get the free windows 10 upgrade.

I think he said he bought a russian copy for super cheap or something like that.

I'm so cheap I'm using Windows 10 beta free

Yeah. You can just sign up for it on Windows Insider and they literally give you a free key for testing it.

beta limbo

i have never heard Logan saying anything about this.

Although you are technically correct, I suggest you interject the year e.g. July 29th, 2016. There is no rush for anyone to buy anything, as everyone has over a year to activate an upgrade to Windows 10.

He did so on the Tek.. obviously not recently with all the shenanigans going on with non-legit keys etc.

ah okay.

yeah long story short, all those cheap key deals you find online, seem to be a scam.
Microsoft blocks certain keys after some period of use.

i would realy recommend, if you ever stamp on such sales somewhere, do not fall into it.
On this community we are not allowing any key sales anymore.

I think I too remember him mentioning cheap copies of Windows from the forum. Not sure if it was on The Tek, though, could've been a build guide too. But it was way back (much like when he was recommedning the Kingston V300 before they changed them).

From what I have heard, if you haven't activated your windows license before the release of Windows 10 you won't be able to upgrade.

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Nor do we allow any linking to such kind of sales.