Windows 7

hello everybody I just recently upgraded my operating system from a windows vista bit to a windows 7 home premium and...everything went well windows 7 was installed. I put some of my software back, my music, etc computer kept crashing and a blue screen poped up. I thought that the worse was over but it has continued to crash muitlpe times and I've been getting very frustrated I updated windows, but it just freezes and then crashes. I could really use the help and I would really appreciate it thaank you. this is my first time installing and operating system and also the disc was given to me by my friend he says that he hacked it so I wouldnt need to use a product key.

Most likely a bad install. Just *obtain* a better copy (read the comments).

Also make sure you get all the drivers for your hardware. 

Make sure you get 64bit version, if you have more than 4GB of RAM.

where'd you get your copy from? please don't say the pirate bay