Windows 7 will not let me eject my External Drive

I have a 1TB external USB 3.0 that all of a sudden won't eject. The only way i can eject this sucking, fucking thing is when i do a complete system shutdown. This drive is fucking AIDS.

It keeps saying that 'windows can't stop your generic volume' some program may be using it, something along those lines. And sure enough, nothing is fucking using it. To my knowledge, anyway.

Optimize for quick removal is already in its policies settings. I turned off explorer.exe and restarted it. Nothing...

What the hell could be using it? And why all of a sudden.

The only thing that has changed in my system, since yesterday (started having the problem today) is Google Earth. I installed it yesterday.

But it's not running. Unless it automatically somehow tethers itself onto random-ass external storage devices.

"Windows can't stop your generic volume" sounds like a driver shit the bed. Does the drive have drivers available?

Or for shits and giggles, nuke and pave the drive? That's often the easiest thing to do with Windows.

Make sure Windows isnt using it for your Paging File - I've had that happen....

You can use Process Explorer

If you HAPPEN to use INTEL motherboard install the INTEL INF and INTEL USB drivers from
NOT the mobo site
and NOT the cd/dvd with mobo

I used my drive the other day, and it ejected normally as it did before. I'm not sure why. Nothing was really different.


I'll try that anyway when i get the chance. Phuckin drivers...