Windows 7 torrent

ive been on this forum for the past week trying to get windows 7 and so far its not going very well if someone could just give me some links and easy to follow instructions i would be the happiest person in the world. please help

don't do that, go here and download the clean iso's

also use yumi to mount the iso to a usb stick

could you give me a link to yumi and possibly something that tells me how to use it

everything is there

i might not be able to get a flash drive big enough for awhile i just used one for my xbox....will using virtual clone drive work?

Piracy=Bad, please keep it off the forum!

I wouldn't say piracy is bad, in fact I would say the opposite piracy is really good as it provides feedback to the content makers (i.e. I am not willing to pay 100 bucks just to get an english version of windows 7 instead of my native language) but let's try to stay on topic.

You can download windows 7 from there this includes all versions (starter - ultimate and 32/64bit) and also has a "How to install" section. Also remember it might not be legal to download software from illegal sources where you live (it's legal over here in the netherlands) if it is illegal to do so keep in mind that you are breaking the law by downloading this torrent and regardless of your location using this torrent is a breach of microsoft's terms and conditions so you will be subject to those regardless.

wow thnx, for this link they have a original windows 7 pro x64 dutch ☻

now i can play myself with it, with the daz loaders, and create my own windows 7 with Vlite.

thnx ♥