Windows 7 or 8?

Just needed help on picking a os for gaming and streaming was looking at windows 7 home p 64bit home p or windows 64 bit 8

well it depends on your taste


do you like the Win 8 metro look without the start button

or your perfer to have the good old start button

but currently most games have issues when running in win 8

Windows 8 is faster

you can always spend 3 bucks and buy 'start is back' so you get a start button in windows 8 that is the same as the one in windows 7 (so u can ignore the metro ui and use it like windows 8)

'most games have issues when running in win 8' is an exaggeration. I have had no problems with over 40 games.

Windows 7

but currently most games have issues when running in win 8

I've had absolutely no issues whatsoever running games on W8. 

I agree with you on that....But if you are asking for true destkop OS Windows 7 have the edge over Windows 8..Even if Windows 8 is a little faster than Windows 7

Stock win8: </3 X.X

Startisback win8: Perfect

I haven't had any problems with any of these games: Lol, Bf3, Skyrim, Crysis 3, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Civ 5, Total war series Rome-Shogun. Cs source, Warcraft 3 + frozen throne, Dead island, Metro 2033, Mass effect series 1-3 + pretty near all dlcs, World in conflict (anybody still play this? I wanna play multiplayer), and the I'd Korean mmorpg's here and there.

A modded win 8 is really nice and far superior to win 7.

Without the mods, even Windows 98 is better...

Yeah I agree that Windows 8 with startisback is superior to win 7. Thats the way i use my Windows 8..But if you dont won't to mess and customize Windows 8 use Windows 7....

I will choose windows 7 becuase i am using it right now and i never been experience some problem about it,unlike windows 8 where i heard a lot of problem but windows 8 is cool,in fact in Finland country many of it palvelu or IT service and company switch using windows 8 because they seen it cool.

You have confused me. '-'

Windows 7 home only allows for 16gb of ram, go pro.

me either, no problems what so ever. Everything is faster and smoother then win 7.



? what.

Windows 8!

Just do what logan does and get windows 8 with start is back, you can't go wrong with that!


As much as I hate writing this down: Windows 8. A more robust system, faster, and smoother. Eventually, probably with 8.1, they will remove the "Tile Idiocy".

Windows 8 is a very solid system, unlike many of it's predecessors, deservedly getting flack because Microsoft hates us...But with one, or two SPs, all will be good, and forgiven...Like the XP fiasco, from the worst system ever built XP (Yes, I can still remember the first time I used this aberration), to the best ever built, XP SP2/3...

Microsoft always wants a cult-like following, in the image of Apple...So occasionally they will try to impose what they think we should want...Unfortunately, the idiot at the helm is completely insane...Until this idiot is fired...

Fortunately Microsoft has enough good coders to rapidly fix the idiocies.

Windows 8 is already faster, in every review I've read, than Windows 7.