Windows 7 is Literally Taking Down My Router

So I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium in my desktop. I have a D-Link DWA-556 Wireless Network Card for MiniPCI-Express. I have always had this card, I had XP before this and it worked totally fine with no problems. Now, my downloads will be fast at 6mb/s but sometimes all of a sudden it will go down to 400-500kb/s and now, not only can I not load any web pages on my computer, but anyone in my house that is connected to my router cannot connect to the internet as well. The weirdest part is that that 400-500kb/s download will keep downloading. If I stop the download, everyone will go back to normal, and will be connected to the internet once again. I have the latest drivers for my card so I don't understand what could be causing the issue.

If I could get some help that would be amazing because I'm sure the rest of the people in my house are ticked off because of these internet issues and so am I.



Have you tried uninstalling the drivers and rebooting letting windows install the stock Microsoft drivers? Then shutting the computer and router off. Restart router and when it is fully up then restart computer.

So I uninstalled the D-Link drivers and restarted and now my computer is not even detecting my wireless card.

Did you try to unseat the card while shut down and reseat the card before powering back up so the computer recognizes new hardware?

Yeah I did =/ It still doesn't even come up in my  Network Connections.

Here's an image of multiple things showing no drivers found

Are you sure there is not something else connected to the router at times that brings it down? Some routers will default everybody connected to the slowest person connected.

I would put the D-LINK drivers back on and when it happens again go into the routers log and see who all is connected. Turn them all off one at a time or keep checking the log to see if a pattern emerges.

I am not a network expert but maybe Qain will jump in.

Wish you the best with this as I once had a similar problem that turned out to be a scarred coax cable.It drove me so crazy I rewired my entire house and upgraded all network equipment. On the plus side it has worked flawless since.

Well after some research on my card, it apparently has serious issues with Windows 7 64bit, so I will try installing Windows 8.1 to see if that helps.

Nope, it is still having the issues. I have an Xfinity router and modem. The weird thing is that this did not start happening until I installed Windows 7, and I had Windows XP before and never had this problem ever.

Also, could this mean something?