Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) LEAKED

Hurf durf.

This is pretty much legal, as far as I know, because the software is being released under a beta license, but I dunno, it doesn't matter to you, ye scurvy pirates!

Read the damn article, I'm tired and just wanna get this out there.

You're shitting me right? Omfg. I just installed 6956 like, literally 30 minutes ago. I'm on it right now, and I love it, but oh come on :[.

^ lmfao 0wn3d

and these damn build keeps greeting leeked im not gunna bother with it

Anyone know where I can get a fix for the windows 7 watermark and the send feedback thing on EVERY SINGLE window? And an activator? :3

Jealous of these speeds?


@ Snarlingchicken

*Link Removed"


there are no activators for windows 7 yet, just time stoppers.


Thanks. I'm back on Vista right now, since I'm gonna play some TF2 in a bit, so I'll install it later tonight or in the morning.

nate, my connection speed is shitty, FYI.

Yeah I heard have Orbit's release on disc and heard its the bombest one out there (no watermark). Nate.... your connection doesn't really matter when you suck at gaming or when your computer keeps crashing :P

Whenever someone installs it, review it! lol

Sweet, works well.

damn... this post beat my post on the blog... barely...

its Ok, we still <3 u

It works well with everything but it is impossible to run BF2 on it. Even when setting different compatibility modes or running as administrator you cant play it and as far as I have read any other online game with punkbuster. Updating pb wont work either. If you play games that have pb then I suggest using Vista. If anyone finds a fix for this please tell me.

Errr... Someone give me a good win 7 build 7000 link without watermark on steam.



Oh... carry on

It's over we're tolled!

ITS OVER 9000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I take back the "nvm"... Gimme link)