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Windows 2000 on modern hardware

I’m the IT guy at my company. I was just handed a project to build a computer running Windows 2000 with modern hardware. Knowing that Windows 2000 is x32 based. So there is a hurdle right there. I have thought about Virtualization but I have no idea how to go about it. I have use Virtualization before on ubuntu to run Windows 7. Can I still do it with Windows 2000? Looking for advice. If more information is needed, please let me know.

Could you let us know the nature of the software or hardware you need the machine to run?
I’m not an expert, but just in case different types of passthrough might be needed

VMware has your back

VMware always has your back.


Be careful with security if this system will have internet access.
W2K hasn’t been updated in a while…

It’s for surfacing and designing injection molds.

I just downloaded it. Thanks so much.


Hi bud lemme help you out and even send you a parts list for the best possible build (or at least the one I’m going to do).

So W2K supports 8 cores. Out of the box. No mods, no nothing. It has support for 8 physical CPU’s, and actually takes advantage of the wacky ass FX chips rather well. As does windows XP BTW.

I chose that mobo specifically because the chokes on those were pretty good, as well as the cooling. As well, PCI slot for video if you wanted, however you could easily spend 18 bucks on a 9800GT at a recycling center and get the same deal. I recommend letting a tool like 3dpchip handle drivers.

8320E because cheapest chip. No PSU selected because I’ll leave that to you.

But uh


There ya go

Edit: In the case that you don’t need 8 cores for the meme of it, a 4100 on a 760G board will do fine lol. I just felt the need to meme it really hard.

Also the fact that a lot of the hardware for FX can be found almost for free. I’m guessing a 4100 new is more expensive than a used 8320E.

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Does it have to be win2000? It is my understanding that there are 32 bit versions of win 10. And of course there are 32 bit versions of win 8.

For what he’s doing, metal / plastics design work and possibly running the hardware all on the same box (I would assume with the CAD running directly to the machine controls), yes, it cannot be done on newer software. The hookups just aren’t there and the molding machine will not work without the right OS and the right communications software / hardware.

@JackDLantern I’m curious, what all does your shop mold? I come from a family of milwrights so I’m now completely interested in everything you do lol.