Windows 11 "Your PIN is no longer active" error when switching between 2 almost-similarly configured KVM

I setup a clone of my Windows 11 VM (“Windows”) where I have the QXL video enabled and removed the GPU passthrough (aka “Windows-noGPU”).

When I launched “Windows-noGPU”, I was greeted with the “Your PIN is no longer active” message. I reconfigured it (decided to link my Xbox account to it so I guess that saved me). When I went back to “Windows”, same thing happened. Any idea how I can make that stop happening, while still keeping the PIN sign-in option?

I would prefer we could just get rid of that crap. My Pin service freaked out this weekend and wouldn’t let me login. Had to reboot for it to work.

I’m gonna try with a local account and not use a pin/Windows Hello later.

Edit: that worked.

Did you turn off TPM? This is a common symptom of TPM getting disabled.