Windows 11, network connectivity issues with VIRTIO drivers

Hi there,

I am currently facing issues after installing Windows 11 into a VM. When I try to navigate to websites with both Firefox and Edge, or when a applications tries to establish a connection to a remote server, in about 2/3 cases the connection fails. In the browser I get the usual unable to connect messages from both browser and the applications complain that they can not connect or need very long to run before they timeout.

I am currently cicumventing the issue by spamming reconnect and rerunning the tasks. Every second or third try works. First I thought it has to do with the drivers for the virtio network interface, but then I passed through a wireless dongle and still the same issue occurs.

Network settings as well as the Troubleshooting option can not find anything wrong. Even though no other devices on the network have connectivity issues I tried to change the settings in Windows to use Google DNS. Also does not help.

I am thankful for any useful advice!

Hi there,
could be some drivers or updates you must perform?

It is a specific question about the virtio drivers. Until now they only offer them for Windows 10, however Windows 11 installs them without a problem. Then, however, the connection is flaky and sometimes works and sometimes don’t. Like refreshing a website again and again will at some point resulting in it actually loading.

If I pass through a dedicated NIC from the host it works like a charm, so it is definitely the virtio drivers!

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I can actually confirm this issue as well since I just had this happen after installing the latest virtio drivers in Windows 11 with a virtio nic.

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I avoided the issue, by passing through a physical NIC, does it work better for you if you use one of the non-virtio drivers that libvirt/kvm offers?