Windows 10 won't update

As the title suggest my Windows 10 stopped installing any updates except for Windows Defender.

I first tried running Window’s Troubleshooter for Windows Update, which told me that there are updates available and said updates will be installed. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything.
I then went ahead and executed sfc /scannow, but it didn’t detect anything.
After this, I ran net stop bits and net stop wuauserv, deleted my SotfwareDistribution folder and started both services again. But still, my PC is unable to find any updates… I’m stuck at version 1709, build 16299.125.

Any ideas would be welcome, thanks :wink:

Edit: Modified message to avoid confusion as hinted by @anon25377527

Download that update assistant, I’ve had to update manually most larger builds like that

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Thanks but this doesn’t work. It thanks me for updating to the latest version of Windows 10 and offers an “exit” button, that’s it.

In any case, I should have been more specific above (I will edit my message). I’m on version 1709, build 16299.125. Thus, I already have the latest large build.

I’m having a problem trying to install update KB4074588. It won’t install even after I did a Reset.

Saw a thread on Reddit that it could be related to NVIDIA drivers.

But who knows man, Windows Update is such a mess…

Well, snce I|m using an AMD card the Nvidia driver might not be the issue in mz case :smiley:

MS Rant: I wanted to read the Windows Update log files but guess what, they are not convential textfiles, but rather etl files which can’t be read that easily…


According to this article, four services must be disabled and then re-enabled.

In your OP you said you did two.

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My apologies, I’ll go ahead and delete the post.

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Thanks. I followed all the instructions provided by MS but it did not help. However, I stumbled over a user with the same problem and tried the program he mentioned. Although I generally dislike these “FixMe” utilities, it has helped. As of now, my PC is downloading updates :slight_smile:

That being said, I’d have liked to know the issue…

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I’ve seen this with a bunch of clients. The 1709 update is rather large and causes this type of thing. Could be any number of issues, as Windows 10 updates are real garbage unless you have a stellar connection… and even then, still garbage.
Try this tool. Its worked for a bunch of clients, might work for you:

Use it to reset the store and updater. I would suggest other components as well. I would follow this up by verifying that you date/time are correct, and perhaps running Ccleaner and selecting the ‘old windows installation’ option. I’ve noticed troubles for those who’ve migrated from previous OS (windows 7 or 8 upgrades).

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This Windows Repair AIO tool was the one the guy in my linked post mentioned and it did help.
Nonetheless, I generally don’t like using such tools and I also believe that the Windows Troubleshooter should just do the very same thing this tool does.

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In 2017 years, I heard that Windows 10 will introduce a free upgrade product, and then postpone the time.Until now …
I have tried some ways to update my Windows 10 , maybe my computer skills are not very good , so the login password can’t be used to access my computer after updated ,so before updating Windows 10 , what should we do ? reset it’s password ?

Is your password in English ? If not have you checked if the default keyboard for typing your password at login is not set to English. It happens all the time in my country.