Windows 10 VM can't boot on Pop os

Yesterday I decided that I would go for it and switch to linux. The plan is to run whatever games I can natively and games that can’t be run natively will be run in a virtual machine (I’m prepared to use multiple gpus). I wasn’t sure what VM software to use since when I tried to install virtual box the link for Linux downloads failed. So I downloaded GNOME boxes from the pop shop and loaded a Windows 10 iso but now Everytime I try to boot it up the VM blue screens saying “system thread exception not handled” not sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

this can happen if your cpu model isn’t set to c2d during updates and install on intel, or if you don’t have ignore_msrs=1 set on ryzen in some cases. (usually if you aren’t running a current version of libvirt)

in order to run games, you’re going to need hardware (and a hypervisor) that supports pci passthrough to get 3d acceleration. (the ones that don’t cost money are kvm/qemu and xen)

GNOME Boxes is a frontend for kvm/qemu so you’re good there, but the BSOD could be caused by any number of things.

PCI passthrough is going to be somewhat more involved, so you probably want to read up before going in blind. If you post your hardware I can tell you with some confidence whether it’s going to be possible or not on it.

You can get live support from a knowledgeable community at this discord:

We Have guides on the underlying software here:


My hardware is: 1700x, gigabyte k7 mobo,16gb ram, asus 980ti
Thanks for your help!

my guess would be MSRS needing to be set in kvm.conf due to a less recent version of libvirt but it could also be related to quirks with gnome boxes, I’m not overly familiar with that VM frontend

My recommendation would be to:

a) check that virtualization is enabled in your uefi settings
b) modify your kvm.conf and/or change processor type to core2duo temporarily to see if that lets you boot
c) use virt-manager instead of gnome boxes if none of that works

also congrats, your hardware should be baseline compatible with passthrough if you get a secondary gpu. I recommend a GT 710