Windows 10 Microsoft Account Login Issues

So I installed Windows 10 and everything works fine except for things that need me to log into my Microsoft account and the Windows store.

When I try to log in nothing happens. I press the login button in the setting, mail, Cortana, store, ect and just nothing happens at all, it acts like nothing happened.

As for the Windows store. I try to update things and nothing works, they all come up with different error numbers.

I miss Win7 but I'm not going through the hell to bring that back from the dead.

did you try to add the account to windows?

Yes that's what I'm talking about when I click that it does nothing.

Welp sounds like a problem, you can't update ether? you don't need the microsoft account to update the system.

No the system can update but the store can't update anything.

Well i'm at work so i can't test my microsoft account, if it doesn't work ether your system is bugged or windows servers are messed up.