Windows 10 going to back to sleep soon after waketimer activation

Using Win10 task scheduler I’ve setup a pair of tasks.
The first puts the machine into hibernation at 2am, using “shutdown /h”.
The second wakes the machine at 9:30am by running a ‘do nothing’ script, triggered by a waketimer.

This works perfectly, with one big caveat; after waking at 9:30am, unless I immediately start using the machine, it’ll go back to sleep ~4 minutes later.

The Windows log entry indicates for the cause of this, is:

"The system is entering sleep.

Sleep Reason: System Idle"

Yet my power plan settings on this machine are:

Sleep after: “Never”
Allow hybrid sleep: “Off”
Hibernate after: “Never”
Allow wake timers: “Enable”

Any ideas why this sleep behaviour seems to be ignoring the power plan sleep settings?
Is it perhaps because the machine is sitting idle at the login screen?

Since I can’t replicate it right now, might want to read this:
Hope it solves it.

EDIT: This maybe too:


Ah brilliant!

I’ve not yet tested it, but it looks to have been the “System unattended sleep timeout” setting, which defaults to 2 minutes, and is by default hidden (requiring a registry tweak to make it visible).

Oh how I loath Windows sometimes…

Yeah, Windows is a pain (not only) that way. Love also how you can adjust a lot via GPO for example but it depends on the edition if Windows accepts or ignores the settings…