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Windows 10 freezes during boot from rEFInd

So, Windows won't boot through rEFInd. I had Windows 10 working previously in rEFInd, but I just migrated over to an nvme ssd and used dd to move my Linux install over, and just reinstalled Windows on the end of the drive.

I can boot Windows perfectly fine, if I boot from within my bios uefi menu. If I go into rEFInd and select the operating system, I either get a machine check error with a QR code or the system just freezes. In my fat32 partition everything expected is there. The only thing odd I've noticed is I can't install rEFInd through the refind-install script, instead I have to use efibootmgr directly. (That remained true even after wiping the boot partition and copying kernels back) The Windows auto repair doesn't do anything.

I've checked the nvram for efi entries, and there is one and only one Windows listing in there. (I had initially just installed windows on the drive to check it in Samsung Magician)

Anyone have any ideas?

I only dropped this in there since it involves utilities and boot loaders typically used with Linux. It's just really weird that I can spam f2 and boot fine, but rEFInd won't do it.