Windows 10 don´t spy on me Powershell Script


i am searching for the powershell script wendell mentioned in one of the teampgp streams where you could configure a bunch of windows 10 telemetrie stuff.

Anyone got a link for me?

I think that was more of a "why doesn't someone do this?" I don't think it actually exists.

No I have already seen it but i lost the freaking link.....

I was just watching this VOD a little while ago.


Would be nice if @wendell could do a video on it some day.
However nuking down all the telemetry crap seems to be pretty much impossible.
I got myself the hands on a Windows10 Enterprise LTSB-N iso,
which i might go and install in a VM.
To see how manny of the telemetry tracking isnt there in that.
And also if the keyloggers are there or not.

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Hey hey Easy with the Freaks :) Here let me throw in my two cents on scripts that someone made. I lean towards making mods to the system one at a time until you can be certain that there are no unintended side affects to your system. For the most part some of these scripts work fine but......... for the one issue you may suffer from because of your use, configuration, or hardware that you use :(

Just gave them a try. These were the only ones successfully in removing Cortana. Had to say "goodbye" to search tough.

The internet is full of bat files that'll remove most bloat with one click, just check through them prior to running so you actually know what they do