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Windows 10 crashes everytime I plug in a second monitor


So here is the deal every time I plug in a second monitor my computer crashes both monitor turn black send a no signal message and the computer shuts down the fans speed drops and I have to hard reboot the system. On reboot with one monitor no error message.

I tried both monitors with both cables on both HDMI ports and individually they work flawlessly.

Here are the specs of the machine

R5 2600
MSI b450 Tomahawk
16gb 3000Mhz gskill aegis
RX 570 sapphire
Windows 10 pro fresh install

I update Windows and the drivers for the gpu manually and via Radeon adrenaline software I uninstalled the card completely and reinstalled it but nothing changes.
I tried booting live into Fedora and connecting both monitors and it worked so it has to be windows .

Thanks in advance



If the graphic card use Redeon drivers it should be nothing to do with windows. But you said you updated redeon drivers for Windows 10.
Maybe you can check the bios configuration if there is something about monitor ports.
Why donĀ“t you use DVI and HDMI same time?



it may need to be updated to the latest version of win 10 , there was an issue with win 10 and dual monitor setup a version or two ago