Windows 10 - Can't delete files. I'm admin/only user

Im going through and cleaning and organizing my Data drive. I came across some dumb files that I can't get rid of. I tried giving myself permissions but everything is grayed out. Anyone can help or point me in the right direction.

Edit: It's a .svg. wuzzat?

Where are the grayed out files located? Just in a personal file folder or are they part of some program?

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the change permission options are greyed out

Make a Linux Live USB and boot into it then mount your Windows 10 partition from Linux and delete everything you want.

Are you sure it's not being detected as being "used" currently? Worse case scenario, you transfer all the files except for those specific files that are locked into another drive and format the drive with those locked files.

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Is it an old drive? i.e. has it been through more than one Windows OS installation?

I've had the same problem before where an old drive kept the old owner permissions after an OS drive reformat. Had to override ownership of each individual file since its not recursive if you just claim the drive as yours.

This pretty much explains all the things:

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