Windows 10 boot problems

So I went to reboot my pc now windows won't boot... tried everything... have no ideas why it won't boot when I've never had an issue before...

PC-Specs would help a lot.

PS: I made your title a bit more specific.

It has nothing o o with my pc just did a fresh windows install and it keeps just going blank on my screen after it idles for 10 -20 seconds

Like the screen is flickering I just installed windows again and my screens all flicking out and flickering so I removed my second monitor and left it on my default one to see if it'll atleast install the drivers

try to boot using on-board vga/hdmi

For some reason when I install drivers I get an error... I'm gonna try to install the newest drivers and see how it works. But it's making my monitor flicker... all I wanted to do was put a monitor stand up but apperntly i had to reinstall windows and shit now lol

It keeps saying install driver failure at the start then when I hit ok it picks back up... now it won't detect my 2nd display

I'm using display port on my 144hrz and hdmi on my 60 hrz