Windows 10 auto defrags ssds?

So looking threw all my settings after installing windows 10, it appears that automatically defrag is turned on for a weekly cycle for all drives including SSDs. Anyone else seeing this?

It does have analyze grayed out, so maybe it just skips ssd?

Eek I hope not, that would not be good

Probably sends TRIM command to the SSDs

Edit: Yup sends trim command, try clicking optimize

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Huh, then next question is, is that the only time it sends trim commands? Like if i disable it does windows no longer do trim at all?

Something to note is if you have raid SSD's it will defrag which you need to watch out for

I'm assuming that's because it doesn't see them as SSD but just a logical volume? I am not familiar with what a raid ssd system gets label as.

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I clicked the optimize button. The status zips 0-100% very fast and says (Trimming). then you get this window

And you can click the Change Settings button to disable the SSD from being included manually

About raid and trim. I thought that if you had a supported chip set and drives that support intel rst that Windows could trim raided drives. is this true? This is the response i got from jj.

@greenwithao yes ensure you have the RST driver installed and that your SSD supports it.

— Juan Jose Guerrero ( @ASUSTechMKTJJ ) July 20, 2015

Windows 8.1 did this too. Just sends the TRIM command. That being said, TRIM is always enabled anyway. Not really sure what the point of this is.

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