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Windows 10 Audio Desync/Lag

So I’ve been having this Audio Lag/Desync for the last couple of months that I cant seem to fix. I’m running windows 10 and a schiit audio stack. I’ve tried all variation of drivers from oem site and generic windows drivers. I’ve also switched to MB onboard audio with oem drivers and generic windows drivers.

Even through my schiit audio stack is externally powered I also have it running through a USB powered hub since I’ve heard windows 10 screws with buffering/ordering when it comes to power usage regardless of power draw.

The weird thing is it’s intermittent. It might work flawlessly all day and then the next day popping/desync. I can usually fix the audio if I refresh / pause - start. Or if I disable to the audio device and renable it / power it off and power it back on again.

I’ve done some research and it seems to be a common thing with windows 10. I’ve googled this issue and can’t seem to find any fix for this issue. The last thing I could try is formatting windows, but not really sure that would fix the problem and im fairly certain would be a waste of time.

Anyone have any ideas?

Is there any buffer size option? If so, what is it set too?
Might just be that your system does not have enough free resources to respond to a low buffer in time.

Easy way to check if that is the source of your problems:

How is the DAC connected to the PC (USB, SPDIF, Toslink, etc.)?
In case of USB, is it USB2.0 on a 3.0 header? (Sometimes causes problems)
Another thing to test if it is USB, does the problem also exist when connecting to the front I/O panel.

The DAC is connected via USB 2.0 with its own power source. Although I did test using a powered usb hub with it as well. Happens both ways. The issue happens with front I/O and Rear I/O. So the issue happens with onboard audio and my external DAC.

I downloaded latencymon and I’ll see what the results there are, but my system should have plenty of resources.

I’ve been having a similar problem. What did your LatencyMon thing say?One thing I tried was isolating whether or not it’s the hardware or a driver. For me I found it was a driver and not hardware. I’d look to see if all your drivers are updated or if they are, try rolling them back. Before I had problems with all my audio devices (USB, rear IO, and GPU’s HDMI) and this was mostly rectified by updating my BIOS (All but my GPU HDMI output sound). If your system is custom built, I’d recommend doing that.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

So I actually think I fixed the issue. So after a very exhaustive troubleshooting process, a couple of things I ended up doing were use the french drivers that many articles recommend.

What I really think was causing it though was windows after the pc was restarted kept automatically defaulting my audio device to a different sample rate above the device rated max.

Just to make sure though I pretty much performed every single fix for this issue when you google it. So far its been 2 weeks with no issue.

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