Windows 10 and mouse lag

Team, i know similar issues have been posted before but I'm trying to rack my brain around this issue.
I have a corsair scimitar gaming mouse that as of late will cause massive cpu spikes when moving the mouse cursor. It is noticeable when streaming video, and very much so when playing games. I'd hate to think its the mouse as this issue hasn't happened until recently. I have tried reboots, driver re-install, killing and uninstalling CUI 2.0, factory defaulting the BIOS settings, checking my monitor input settings, using a different mouse, ect. So far the only fix seems to be re-installing windows, but that is a temp solution and one that is not worth doing everytime this occurs.

System Specs:
Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 z270 mobo firmware v6
Intel i7 7700k boosted to 4.5
16gb of Gskill trident z RGB 3200Mghtz ddr 4 ram
Gigabyte Gaming 1 Gtx 1070
Windows 10 64bit pro
running a samsung 850 evo ssd for OS boot drive
and WD 2tb platter drive

part of me thinks this could be an input issue with the board, but would like to exhaust other options.

Have you actually tried tuning the mouse inside of windows settings ? Then use the mouse software tune or not use it ? What usb ports are you using ? Power saving on the ports turn on ? What resolution is your monitor ?

Yes i have tried tuning it in windows, i try to use 3.0 but have tested it on 2.0, and my res is 1440p.

I have also tried uninstalling drivers, both mouse and video (just in case) reconfiguring the BIOS settings, and trying with a different mouse. Oddly enough, zero issues when using a gamepad

OK, this has to be the easiest piece of kit to test on another PC. You must be able to do at least that, right?

...OP is caretaker on an oil rig in the North Sea...

south sea actually

Ok, I've dispatched a new mouse, it should be with you in 4 weeks.

...pirates intercept new mouse...

Any scaling above 100 percent and have you updated your graphic drivers ? With nvidia have you tried rolling back the drivers to an older version.

yeah I rolled back, i thought that was the original issue but that only seemed to decrease the severity a minor amount.
and @BGL the only other system i have is a work laptop which to be honest can cpu spike from me sneezing near it

Joking aside when I am stuck trying to fault find with no spare kit;

1) Windows into Safe mode - is fault replicated - if yes, then HW fault possible. If no, almost definitely drivers.


2) Create a Linux USB stick and boot off that.

Have you tried reducing the amount of active and running processes on your pc ? Scanning for malware ect....

What is your polling rate? Does the problem exist at all polling rates?

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I might create a linux bootable and try working that, i'll reverify safe mode, hard to fully test since most my steam apps dont properly run in safemode

@Freaksmacker yeah i have killed running processes, one of my initial thoughts was chrome was slowing things down, i brought down everything i could save core systems and of course steam to fully test, no malware was shown on the system.

@Adubs the PR is 500, which was its default. Worked well for a while, then just suddlenly yesterday, poof