Windows 10 AMD Radeon Driver vs. Oculus HDMI/DP Audio Issue

Hey guys,

Something busted my Displayport/HDMI audio on two machines (i suspected it is ImmersedVR application) - uninstallign it didn’t help.

Basically on two boxes i have my monitor’s audio output missing, and not possible to select - could someone with a Vega card on Windows please post up a screenshot of device manager showing what the audio device names are for Vega’s HDMI/Displayport audio - or any other audio devices?

Wierd thing: uninstall/factory reset of the display driver made audio work - until the post install reboot which broke it again.

Something flaking driver wise on two boxes here… but not sure what Vega’s audio stack is meant to look like.

Cheers :-\

I will try to get this info for you when I get home.

Here is what I have

Thanks guys,

I figured it out in the end.

It would appear to be a compatibility issue between oculus link and the latest AMD driver as of 14th of feb 2021. At least with Vega 64. Confirmed on two boxes (A 3300x and 2700x with Win10 20h2 and both running reference Vega 64).

Basically it either dropped my AMD High Definition Audio device, or plugging in the Oculus knocked it out. It disappeared into disabled drivers with code 45 (And wouldn’t recover after several reboots, no oculus plugged in, etc.).

Rolling back to the older driver fixed it.

So heads up, if you’re an oculus user and/or planning to run the current driver. It’s busted.


updated thread title to something much more specific :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out!

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