Winamp's Gracenote is dead, what program do you use for generating playlists from a seed track?

Gracenote was a music library analyser, playlist generator, tagger, "view tracks similar to" type of plugin in Winamp. It has been down for 2 years now.

I still don't know of any music player that is more convenient, looks better, and whips the llama's ass harder than Winamp.

But I really want the ability to right click on a song in my playlist or library, and tell it to find tracks similar to that one, and generate a playlist.

- What (program) do you use for playlist generating? It must work on your own (arbitrary) .mp3s, don't just recommend spotify like a peasant.
- Can it be integrated into winamp, or is there another program as bitchin as winamp?

I personaly use Virtual DJ software to create playlists, and mixes.
Its free for home use.
But i dont think that that is what you are looking for.