Win7/Ubuntu dual boot USB issues

I'm having an issue where my keyboard and mouse always work fine in BIOS/Grub/Windows loader/Ubuntu, but not Windows 7. I have legacy USB enabled, and XHCI+EHCI hand-off disabled. I tried switching to Windows boot loader thinking it was something with Grub, but the problem persists. I have googled and googled, but have yet to find a solution.

Sometimes a power cycle will get the keyboard+mouse working. The only way I can get it to ALWAYS work in Win7 is if I toggle EHCI hand-off in the BIOS (if it's enabled, I disable it, and vice versa). Once I do that everything is fine until I boot back into Ubuntu, then try to get back into Windows.

I have a cheap little MSI B85 board on this PC, not many options in the BIOS.

Maybe the Gods are telling me I should ditch Windows on this PC and use only Linux.

Thanks in advance!

You could try to flash newer BIOS version onto your motherboard. But ditching Windows is also a good solution.

Yeah I had to install the most recent BIOS in order to get the board to detect my G3258.

Is anyone else dual booting with somewhat current hardware with no issues? Just trying to figure out if it's my board or something else.

Actually, you aren't the only one. I get really screwy things happening to mine, but not anymore. I must have changed something at one point to fix it.

I would recommend moving the mouse and keyboard to different ports. It may have to do with fast boot (setting in BIOS and Windows 8+), it may have to do with legacy mode, it may have to do with something else too, but it's probably Windows drivers.

I had stuttering audio on mine whenever I pressed a key on my keyboard. Moved them around and the problem went away.