Win10 - Suddenly, black screen with cursor, infinite loading screen

Hey all
I unplugged my keyboard to clean the body and keys and all, and when I came back, my screen was black with nothing but the cursor, which I could see and move on both monitors.
I turned my computer off and back on, but the same thing happened; this time, there was the little circle of spinning dots showing me that it was loading, nothing else except the cursor and black screen.
I went into the BIOS, which was working!, and that wasn't the issue.
I disconnected power, cleared CMOS, and off/oned it many times
This seems to be a windows problem. Anyone know the treatment for this specific type of ailment

try hitting f8 on boot up and booting in safemode then restoring from a previous image / load last known good configuration

Hmm. This is almost similar... A few days ago I updated a PC from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro, and I had that happen --- although I had no cursor. Unplugging the USB dongle for the wireless keyboard/mouse lets mine get passed the black screen with spinning loading icon. Worth a shot?

I found this solution through Google. I thought it was kind of weird myself......

I have seen both of these. I'm at my desk and noticed the little flat cursor blinking, so pressed Delete ( boot device selector ), and it told me that there was a problem booting. I told it to boot with default settings, and I got my GIGABYTE, INSIST ON ULTRA DURABLE Post screen, but at the top it says:

B1InitializeLibrary failed 0xc000009a

I'm suck there now. Progress? maybe. Probably not.