Win VM on a Linux host vs Linux & Windows parallel on poxmox

I am upgrading from my A10-6800K to my new Ryzen 9 3900K (Full new system) and I am wanting to have Linux and Windows on the same system. I do not want to dual boot, but to take advantage of both OS’s running at the same time.

Is it better to have Linux as the host, and Win10 in a vm, or would both as clients, running through PoxMox be a better solution?

I just orderded my processor tonight, and I have some time to ponder before it and the other parts arrive.


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Proxmox is a set it and forget it gui around kvm, it’s not meant to be a general purpose server os. There’s other guis around kvm that don’t run ancient/hard to upgrade qemu.

If this is your desktop and your not just coalescing two servers into one, run a desktop distro on bare metal and run qemu/kvm with e.g. virt-manager or similar.

It’s simpler to work around potential windows in a VM issues without proxmox.

Based on my subjective experience, if you want the 2 desktops simultaneously, then I totally agree with @risk 's recommendation … I’ve done this with Ubuntu on bare metal, and Win10 as a VM… [both with Looking Glass and 2nd display] and it worked well [but it’s been a few months since I last tried it].
I use QEMU/KVM from the command line [via self created scripts], and build the latest QEMU version from source from [rather than use the packaged Ubuntu version].

Do you need accelerated graphics - i.e. going to use 2 GPUs, with one in VFIO passthrough?
If so, what GPUs are you planning to use? Are you going to use separate displays, or looking to use Looking Glass to share a single monitor?

I’ll be honest…for best stability/performance, and unless you need to use really need them simultaneously - i.e. your workflow needs access to both at the same time - I’d recommend dual booting [on separate SSDs…] - it’s much less of a headache…

Thank yor for your advice. I have a Quadro 420 and a GT1030 (All I could get my hands on now) and I was wanting to do GPU Passthrough on my GT1030 to a second monitor. I am fighting with QEMU and virt… I think I need to comb my bios one more time. From here, I am not sure where to go, though I am egerly wanting to learn, when mind and time allow me to.