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We are giving away three Corsair Scimitar MOBA/MMO Gaming mice. Also, check out our video coverage of their booth.

Corsair was showing off a few awesome case mods and most of the same stuff they were showing off at Gamescom... so watch that video if you have not yet:

Did someone say "contest?"

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Am I doing this right? lol

Edit: Apparently not. Privacy Badger was blocking gleam from showing. If you can't see the entry form, make sure your privacy and/or adblocker aren't interfering.

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Anyhow, I've got to say I love the height on these corsair mice. They're one of the few mice that fills my palm well enough that prolonged use doesn't lead to an overly strained hand.

I want a mouse with accurate tracking, not with touch tone...

I don't know... DID someone say "contest?"

I wouldn't mind a decent mouse. I'm still rocking this basic HP two-button plus scroll wheelthingidonteven.

Could always use a new mouse



My 3Blue Puntero is pretty much shot ;) lol

Hi. I never have entered a contest here yet as I am new, but I would rather pay a $1.00 to not have to go through that process of entering/winning. For instance, I went to a local fair recently and there was raffle tickets for a $1.00. I didn't win one of the prize wood carvings, but paying a $1.00 for a raffle ticket online seems reasonable for something like computer hardware.

Charging for a contest online isn't allowed. They consider that "running an illegal lottery".

I'm here to participate in this non contest.

looks claw grip enough to suit my needs. I'll definitely dye the yellow to grey or black.
my aging Razer Lachesis is quite old now, ~6 years old.

Isn't there some sort of license out there? Online Casino's have all sorts of licenses.

I think I'd miss the volume scroll wheel too much but the MX quiet switches look interesting.

Really could do without all that yellow. I'll still take it though.


count me in, my current mouse is dieing, my Logitech mx700 served me well for a looooong time, and my sister before me (handmedown mouse lol)

Why can't we enter the contest just by writing a comment here. I am not giving my contact details to those oligarchs.

good luck all
my logitech g400 side buttons are dead shame shame :<