Win 7 SSD transfer?


I'm about to buy a new computer, and would like to transfer my current SSD into it as is.

There used to be a patch for Windows XP that enabled such a transfer by getting Windows to detect new hardware and install drivers; board, CPU, the lot.

Is there such a way to do that with Windows 7?

If you bought a new ssd, or bought a kit ssd like the samsungs, you can plug them in as an external drive and use the cd for direct copy, i just did this to my win 7 pro laptop.  Not sure if you can just download the software from samsung or want to but that is what i used.

Just plug it into your new build, 99% of the time it will boot just fine. Windows will recognise the change in hardware, it'll install what drivers needs as a minimum and you're good to go. Worst case you have to do a startup repair and/or need to reactivate the license. Just be sure to go through and uninstall/install the applicable drivers for your devices.

Ok, thanks!

Hope it works.