Win 7 Install from Portable ODD

hi guys, the title says it all. can you install windows 7 onto a newly built system with a portable Optical Drive. does this work?

yes, no problems. But ODD is obsolete. Use a USB Flash. Make sure to use a USB 2.0 port to "be sure" though if you're on a recent system with windows 8.1, USB3 is fine (and faster if your USB flash drive is usb3).

Install from even USB 2.0 is "craaaaazy fast" for Win7/8.1

okay no problems, i just thought of using a portable ODD because i have one laying around. but come to think about it, i will use my USB3.0 flash drive. cheers, all the way from the UK, Danny.

I installed my windows 7 via a ~6 year old USB 2.0 ODD.

Yeah, it'll work.  If you're using a flash drive, just make sure it's large enough to hold windows.