Win 10 being blocked by torrents , Orwell raises more eyebrows

Pretty damning for more people than previously shocking privacy concerns , hopefully this makes people open their eyes a tad wider

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Good, now we just need to find a way to get the rest of the internet to block Win10 too. (evil grin)


Even if they are concerned about privacy so they wont get caught doing illegal things, at least they are concerned. And we should get the rest of the internet to block win 10 users as well so that microsoft does not get all the data. That what the NSA is for.


Not to mention that the NSA and gchq are American and British respectively , it's complete bullshit that they are capturing all internet traffic from other countries as well .
The NSA is an oxymoron , national is not synonymous with global and they seem to forget that

So Windows 10 fights piracy simply by existing :D


There needs to be a thug life meme with nadella wearing a pair of shades.

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That wouldn't exactly be the message I would take from this situation but ok , fair point .
I still think file sharing does have it's merits and should not be traded for our privacy

Either way, its bs that people have to be blocked from a site when have done nothing wrong just because of an os. Is this is where the future of windows is going then I guess Ill just have to go 100% linux. If I am going to spied on, I would like to keep the amount of people spying to a minimum. I would have installed windows 10 on a rig, but theres no way to really disable all the spyware. I feel bad for the people who upgraded without knowing this would happen.

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The way I see it is if you need to use a windows 10 exclusive program the only way is to use virtual box and disable all virtual box network connections . I wouldn't even trust running a vbox windows 10 on a Linux os with networking enabled . When you are getting something for " free" you become the product in a lot of cases :/

Its funny that you say that, because thats exactly the way I run it. I wanted to run it when it came out because I was curious, and I did that. Works just fine for me. I was actually trying to explain to my mom why windows 10 could be free and microsoft still have profits, and had to explain that the person why uses it becomes the product. Luckily I have 3 drives in my rig so if I did upgrade I would have ubuntu and win 7.

When it comes to having multiple os's including windows 10 I'd have a hot swap setup since microsoft still have backdoor access to your win 10 drive ergo they would be able to view your Linux drive if the win 10 drive is the master drive and they are able to view non windows file systems ( which wouldn't be too difficult to achieve )
I know I'm tinfoil hatting all over the place but they could actually do it

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Just going to leave this here for everyone to chew on.

"Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy." - Bill Gates

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How could windows 10 do that? In windows 7, I cannot see my linux drive unless I go into the drive manager. I cannot get data off it. But in ubuntu, I can get into my windows files and change them around. If microsoft cared about getting peoples info (which they might) then I guess they can make a way.

If they have the correct program's for viewing Linux file systems then they can ( eg )
That's for viewing ext 2/3 on a Linux partition from a windows os .
Not to mention that this article is from 2010 so it wouldn't surprise me if they have already implemented similar tools for their remote backdoor.
For full peace of mind I will be using a hot swappable drive setup for the next rig I make , that is if I'm using 2+ drives with multiple os's

Thats pure evil. I will bow to no flipping robots.

As much intriguing this is there is nothing we can do about it. You either stop torrenting or dont use windows 10. There is no point blaming the torrent sites, its their right to completely refuse centain categoty of users.


yeah I'm gonna put linux on my laptop, downfall started with windows 8 and just continues

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in this case: even when you're paying something 200+$ you still are a product :/

This is the funniest shit I have ever heard on this forum.

If some trackers are blocking certain user agent strings, then just change your user agent lol.

I have been running a test setup of Windows 10 (testing for leakage) for a few weeks monitoring everything with all the privacy settings turned off and without any hacks or application rule changes.

The only process I have found phoning home is the "Silent Install Helper" which is related to product updates for windows as well as the few enterprise MS applications I have running.

Cortana sent some machine ID metadata early on during the first power on state, which was relayed to Bing, but that was before I switched Cortana off.

You do realise all this Windows 10 FUD is for clickbait and noobs who don't know any better.

No, I am not a MS shill - I am a certified linux engineer/developer who works as a CIO at a software development company.


We really just need adobe and gaming to move over to linux and we are golden.