Will you be affected by Hurricane Ian? L1T Community Backup Assist

Are you in the path of Hurricane Ian? Do you have data that is not backed up off-site? If so, this is the thread for you.

I made a thread a while ago about a backup swap situation, and not many people here were interested: L1 Community Colocation (Raspberry Pi's, Mini PC's, Virtual Machines, Data, etc)

But perhaps a more temporary solution might be more popular. Anyone interested in either helping, or need data backed up?

I will host up to ~30TB of backups in a RAIDZ1 with spare 8TB SAS disks. I have 1G/1G connection in Houston, TX


Data hoarders unite!


After a hard day, I sit down and read and think to myself what happened, some problems with Hurricane Electric and LAN services… lol eh fatigue. :slight_smile:

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