Will xbox 720 and PS4 affect AMD desktop performance?

Hi all! 

First off, this thread was a bit hard to place, so I hope this is the best place to post. 

I have been thinking a bit. The PS4 is rumored to contain an AMD APU, and the xbox 720 is supposed to contain a GCN graphics part, programmed in DX11. How do you guys think that this will affect the amount of optimization for AMD CPUs and GPUs on the desktop?

I am thinking it might make cross platform games better adapted to the Bulldozer/Piledriver/Steamroller architectures, in turn driving AMD sales. I think that getting their hardware inside the three largest next generation consoles will make AMD some sweet sweet cash!

Any other views on this? 

in effect it will nullify physx since very few games will be made to utilize it

but as far as games being optimized for AMD, it wont change much

hmm. the PS4 having an APU sounds cool. I just hope if the PS4 can play a game then some one on PC with an APU should be able to play the game just fine if not better. maybe.

i don't think crossplatform performance will change much, if at all. but i do think it could make the next gen APU much better and genenerate AMD some extra cash



I honestly think it will be a lot easier to cross develop between windows and PS4, compared to PS3. The big question is: What CPU will Xbox 720 use? If Microsoft also goes with an x86 processor then I think we will see better ports all around in the future, at least performance wise.

the 720 is supposedly using another IBM Power series CPU

I see... We'll just have to see what core count and clocks they will use! 

I don't think it will affect desktop PC at all, that might help with the optimization of console-to-PC ports, or even better for us pc gamers, PC-to-console ports, since console ports are poorly optimized for PC.

but who knows.

i heard the ps4 is ment to have a slightly downclocked version of a hd7970 graphics card with 2gigs of dedicated ram if you look at most console when they first come out the have nearly the best hardware in them but slightly slower for temperature reasons but becase tech moves so fast pc will always be overcoming consoles as you cannot upgrade a console and if you look at the xbox 360 and ps3 they have had a 8 year life span whats a long time in the computer industry i mean when the xbox and ps3 were just out the a geforce 6800 gt was top end now look we have dual gpu graphics card and so on also some chineese company which received a ps4 dev kit released the spec of it (http://www.officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk/2013/01/24/ps4-news-dev-kit-specs-and-new-controls-details-allegedly-leaked/)

The key thing im taking from all this is that the consoles are now going to get multi core CPUs (4), meaning that game makers for the consoles will finally start to make games using multiple threads as standard.

This should help as multi thread games will become the standard meaning slightly less worries about CPU bottleknecking :D (cos we all no alot of PC games are just console ports)

1) Considering consoles don't have to run background opperations, consoles should be comparable for 2-3 years. 2) With the extreme negative impact a lack of new consoles has had on the video game industry at the tail end of this generation, don't expect to see an 8 year lifecycle again. Try 5 or 6 if they push it, which would bring us back in line with previous generations. Consider the fact that the PS2 only had a 5-6 year run, and many consoles before it had 3 or 4 year runs. 3) Supporting that is also the fact that consoles won't be leapfrogging PC tech this time around because neither Microsoft nor Sony can afford to lose money at the start. They might not make much, but don't expect them to be cramming in so much tech that the next-generation consoles cost them money. Especially not Sony. 4) GPU will be intigrated into the board to save space and production cost, just like every console before it so don't expect it to be a downclocked version of something you'd find in a standard GPU. 5) Punctuation please.

The latest rumors point towards an amd x86 design in the xbox! If this is true, AMD will have better cash flow in the future for sure!

As GoldSrc says above:

I don't think it will affect desktop PC at all, that might help with the optimization of console-to-PC ports, or even better for us pc gamers, PC-to-console ports, since console ports are poorly optimized for PC.

Games don't port all to well as on the consoles the devs are given hardware level access to the components, meaning they can squeese every last drop of performance out. As has been done with the current crop of ageing consoles. 

So unless something changes within the desktop OS to allow more direct operation on the hardware itself, I don't think that the new consoles will affect performance on the desktop. And anyways, after a week or two of there release, there will be some faster hardware avaliable for PC.

I'm just hopful that AMD continues to remain as active as possible with console systems.  It will help the company remian solvent and relevant - keeping our prices down and our options open with more competition for Intel.  Nothing wrong with Intel, but they already have a lock on high-end CPU's and no one wants to see their dominance grow, unless, of course, higher prices are acceptable.

Just the way it appears on my end anyway.


I think it will be a much needed boost but these consoles still wont be able to surpass a PC of equivalent Value.

One of the biggest plus sides to new consoles with more Pc like hardware will be Stronger Ports on the PC side which should make Cross Platform Games so much better, now that i am looking forward to!

Well, considering that Xbox 360 uses Direct X in development, i think that it is a fair guess that this will be the case with the xbox 720 as well. 

Besides, direct compute (a new component in Direct X 11) allows developers to develop closer to the hardware than before.

In the end, we can only speculate, but I sure hope this will benefit AMD, because they need it bad.